A New Coat of Paint!

 - by Mandy

When my husband and I moved into our very first home, we were more than excited!  We took our time and moved from room-to-room painting and setting up the house the way we liked.  We finally decided to re-do our last bedroom, one that we were currently using for our office.  The room was a dark color that made it feel small and cramped.  On a budget of only $300, I set out to make our little office feel more like our home.

Before the make-over

2012-07-08 14.04.24


2012-07-08 14.04.00


2012-07-08 14.04.14


After the make-over

2012-07-16 16.01.00

2012-07-16 16.01.23

Rug from TJMaxx: $100

Storage boxes from Target (pink and gray) $2 a piece

Polka dot storage box from Ikea: $5

1 Gallon of paint from Sherman Williams: $32

Pictures on shelf:  fabric stapled over wood frame: $10

DIY Kate Spade “Trixie” ballet flat

 - by Mandy

Kate Spade “Trixie”

I don’t know about you but when I saw Kate Spade’s “Trixie” ballet flat for the first time, I was in love!  There is nothing more classy and chic than the combination of black, white, and gold but top it off with stripes, glitter, and a bow!  However, I was not loving the price tag… over $200!  So I decided to get a little bit creative and to create the same look for less.  Here’s my step-by-step tutorial for creating a similar look to the above ballet flat.

You will need:

1.  A pair of striped ballet flats (Target has an adorable pair for under $20 but they were sold out, the pair I’m using is from Century21 that I bought on ebay… I just searched for striped ballet flat)  $19.99

2.  A bottle of mod podge from your local craft store $3.99

3.  A bottle of gold glitter from your local craft store $1.89


Step 1:  Prep your shoes.  I took some clear tape and made an outline so when I peeled off the tape it would make a straight line where the glitter ends and the rest of the shoe begins.


Step 2:  Begin by putting on your base layer.  I put the glitter into the mod podge and painted on the first coat so that the glitter wouldn’t make a big mess.


Step 3:  After letting the first coat dry, begin by putting another layer of your mod podge/glitter mix on top.  This time I also sprinkled glitter of the base.  Repeat this step until you have a complete covering of the toe area of your shoe.katespadeflat4

Step 4:  Enjoy your beautiful new glitter flats!  I’m also thinking about finding some sort of spray to cover the sequins with so they don’t come off.  Any ideas what to use?

New Year, New Look!

 - by Mandy
Before and after pictures of our first makeover!

Before and after pictures of our first makeover!







We are so excited to start off the new year with a new look… literally! Over the Christmas break, we were hired to help “update” a wardrobe. This gentleman was inspired by the trendy outfits that he encountered us wearing and wanted to do something special to update his wardrobe and to surprise his wife! We set about the task of putting together a clean, yet, polished look that could go from day to night. By just sizing the clothes correctly and putting this gentleman into a more fitted look with the jeans and the button up shirts, he told us that he not only looked better but he felt better! We think he looks pretty sharp, what do you think?

Do you want a quick and easy way to update a man’s wardrobe? Try a slim fit dress shirt and straight leg pants!

Men’s shirt: Express (on clearance!!)
Men’s jeans: DKNY $50 found at TJ Maxx
Men’s dress shoes: Express (on clearance!!)

Tis the season to be giving…

 - by Mandy

This is going to be different from our usual posts.  Kel and I both had a revelation during our church service today and thought we’d incorporate what we learned into our give-a-way for the month.  This morning our message was on using the unique and special talents and gifts our Lord God has given us for his amazing glory.  Glancing at each other, we both asked the silent question, “how could our love for fashion be used to honor God’s glory?!”  We couldn’t think of a better way to do this than to stop focusing on our own selfish needs and to reach out to others around us.  That’s why we want to work with you!  We don’t want this to be like a “special project” or trying to make someone over into something different, we want to spend a fun day with two lovely ladies  shopping and enjoying each other’s company.  We want to enjoy that God made us each unique and to fellowship with one another and spend time relaxing.  What’s even better is that the day is on us!  We will randomly draw two individuals names at the end of the give-a-way to a girl’s only day out!

To enter:

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 - by Kelley

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! I have been having so much fun experimenting with different colors for fall, I had inspiration from this outfit when I found this sweater at Forever 21. I try to always buy items there that are trendy, it is super affordable and you are able to try different fashions for much less! The sweater was only $22 and it has become one of my go to pieces for fall!

Sweater: Forever 21 (only sold in store, but similar style here)

Blouse: Jcrew

Jeans: 7 for all mankind

Shoes: Steve Madden (old)

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Sunglasses: Prada (bought with rewards)

Iphone cover: Tory Burch (bought on ebay)